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Hey there! My name is Chelsea Moudry and I'm a photographer residing just outside of Seattle, Washington, living a creative entrepreneur lifestyle. I like to drink beer and eat burgers in every part of the PNW and I'm absolutely in love with documenting intimacy, happiness, and confidence. When I'm not taking photos or trying out a new brewery, I'm either binge watching a Netflix original, cooking something that involves jalapeños, or scrolling through instagram like my life depends on it. If you're a bad ass girl boss and need help jumpstarting your business, in search of a wedding photographer because you just got engaged to your best friend, or want to celebrate the body you were given with some boudoir, message me and let's create something amazing!


likes: sundance films, food trucks, flannels, instagram, apple products, green tile in kitchens, succulents, tequila, tiny homes, sunrises, live music, open windows, clean offices, scented candles, road trips, avocados, folk music, the san juan islands, kona coffee, southwestern styled homes, dark nail polish, rompers, yelp, farmers markets, dahlias, coffee mugs, dive bars, ferries

dislikes: I-5 traffic, not having enough time to stop for coffee, airplane turbulence, hangovers, one-way streets, gin martinis, naps, buffering, the post office, pancakes, social injustice, jackets, drive-thrus, the price of camera equipment, my desire for new camera equipment literally always, instagram's new algorithm, pepperoni pizza


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