Alexis & Matt - Oregon Coast Sunset Session - Manzanita, OR

It’s crazy to think that this sunset session was all the way back in March! And I know I know, it’s only April, but I’m a big baby about rainy weather so every time I finish up a session that was on a sunny day, I’m always like “wow that had to be three years ago because that’s the last time I saw the sun.” I promise I’m not dramatic with everything, I just have strong feelings when it comes to the temperamental weather of the PNW.

Alexis and Matt and I all hiked down to this cute little tucked away spot on the Oregon Coast to grab the last few moments of light. We took some photos, drank some beers, and preserved some memories. We also hit up Pelican Brewing on our way out of Cannon Beach and I need to remember to stop ordering 8% beers after sessions. Ya girl can handle her liquor, but those heavy IPAs can sneak up on you after shooting for an hour.

But anyway! Check out how cute!! Do it! SCROLL!