My Business Moving Forward - 2018 & 2019 - Chelsea Moudry Photography - Washington Wedding & Elopement Photographer

It's kind of funny that I went to school to be a writer and I barely ever blog here. I just write every single feeling I've ever had in my journal at the end of the day and call it a night, obviously. BUT regardless of where and what I write in my spare time, I figured I should probably inform everyone about what's going on with my business lately because my brain is about to explode if I just think about it for one more second. So let's go. Let's talk about it. 

When I was going through my planner this morning and trying to schedule shoots and travels and vacations, I quickly realized that I'm kind of running out of time. I have days available, sure, but most people need their shoots to be on weekends and I need to edit eventually after shoot days and I also need to figure out when I can just simply be a person and hang out with my friends and family. So I definitely don't want this to discourage anyone, but I will (I mean sort of) be making a few changes. 



When I first started, when I was just a young dork with one prime lens and a crop sensor camera, I took on everything I possibly could. I wanted to photograph seniors, families, maternity, boudoir, weddings, events, BLAH BLAH BLAH. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. $50 A SHOOT. I LOVE MY LIFE. And like ok, so it was fun and I was busy and honestly still when I have time off now I'm like "what the hell do I do with my hands??" but I was young and had no idea what a successful business actually looked like. I didn't even realize there were certain seasons for photography and times when you photograph particular types of sessions. Of course I don't know everything there is to know and I'm still learning and definitely won't ever stop learning, but I've started to figure out what works best for me and my clients.

As I move forward this year, I won't be accepting new clients for seniors, families, and maternity. 

I've tried all sorts of different types of photography, as most photographers do, and there are definitely types that I consider myself better at than others. As much as I love working with families and high school seniors, I know that couples and women are easier for me to work with. And I believe the fact that I realize that benefits both me and my clients. Honestly I've been doing this for a while now anyway but I don't think I've posted anything public on the internet about it and if you don't post about it, did it even happen? Probably not.

From here on out, my focus will be on weddings, elopements, and couples.

I've worked with so many couples now and for good reason. I suppose it just feels a little disingenuous to work with clients and charge the same amount when I know it's not what I specialize in and have the most experience with.

Throughout the year I imagine I'll host local mini sessions on specific days for other types of photography but we can talk about that on social media when the time comes. Lol, we. You and me. It's just us now. (I swear I could be someone else if I tried hard enough, but this is who I am. Lame jokes and all. I'm so good at the internet.)

Anyway, having said all of that, I am so very excited for my 2018 couples and excited to expand my business and finally start heading in the right direction. And one direction at that. No reference to the boy band. Although I loved the new Harry Styles album, like, holy shit it's good.

Before I end this weirdo blog post, I want to add that I will be hosting a pretty fun boudoir marathon in a pretty studio this summer and I'll give my clients who have already put a deposit down for a standard boudoir shoot a chance to upgrade to a shoot during the marathon! This is the group that will have all the info for that. 

Okay, I'm totally just rambling now so I'm ending this. Remember all the other stuff though! Like the couples and boudoir and brand stuff. All that.

If you have any questions at all since this was a jumbled mess of a blog post, throw me a Facebook message. Apparently I don't have anxiety anymore when it comes to talking to people so I can respond to anything right away. It's actually a really cool thing I've been experiencing lately. Complete control of my brain and (most) emotions? It's rad as hell.