Chad & Allie Engagement - Chelsea Moudry Photography

When a shoot starts with drinks, you know it’s going to be a good one. The three of us headed down to Astoria, Oregon on a surprisingly really sunny day for late November to get some cute shots downtown and also at a waterfall that I found earlier this year! Literally had no idea that one of my favorite towns had a secret waterfall but now I’m kind of obsessed with it. Astoria trips will now forever consist of a Costco run, waterfall viewing, and Fort George beers.

I first met Allie (and I mean, Chad was there too but was he) technically about two years ago but we became friends just a little over a year ago with the help of beer and skipping right over small talk and diving right into a serious conversation. The right kind of way to make a new friend. And I seriously can’t believe how happy I am for both of them. When I got the “omg he proposed” text, or more like “haha I knew it” text, I for real told everyone I was with, which may have just been only one of my family members but still. The excitement was there. These two just mesh really well together and it’s a cool thing to see aaaaand conveniently a cool thing to photograph. I’m not saying they’re #RelationshipGoals but I’m not not saying that.

Anyway, anyway. Words! I stayed up til 2am-ish last night finishing these and woke up way earlier than I wanted to so this blog post is just a total word vomit. Check out their photos even though I didn’t even think about proofreading this post!

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Chelsea Moudry is a wedding & elopement photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Conveniently located between Seattle and Portland, she is able to photograph engaged couples in love in both Washington and Oregon.