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Garlic Cheese Bombs!!!

So, I'm not sure if y'all know this about me but I love to cook almost as much as I love to drink  while I cook. I don't make particularly fancy dishes and I seriously suck at plating, which is weird because I watch the food network religiously, but I love it!! Anyway, tonight I made spaghetti and meatballs and had some fresh mozzarella hanging out in the fridge so I made some garlic cheese bombs. YEAH. Garlic cheese bombs. Since it's super easy, I'm going to tell you how you can make them. Also here's a sweet pic of my first attempt at making these.



spaghetti fixins (so noods n' sauce)

frozen meatballs from Costco because I'm lame and they taste good

pillsbury crescent rolls

fresh mozzarella

garlic powder

unsalted butter

Cabernet Sauvignon



Ok, so I would recommend boiling a pot of water first for your spaghetti. Do not put oil in your water. I repeat, do not put oil in your water. You should however put salt in the water before putting in the pasta for flavor reasons mostly. Also don't rinse your pasta noodles. Ever. Don't do it and just trust me on it because I'm a photographer. 

OK! Now that the water is on the stove, crack open that Cabernet Sauvignon and pour yourself a glass or 3 because what's safer than dealing with hot stoves and ovens when you're kind of red wine drunk?? (Nothing, the answer is nothing is safer.) Maybe throw the meatballs in the microwave at this point. I don't know. Make spaghetti the way you would make spaghetti, honestly. I'm just here to tell you about these cheese bombs. 

GET THAT OVEN NICE AND HOT AT 375!!! Pop open those crescent rolls and peel them apart. Now I want you to take each individual pizza slice shaped dough and roll them up, creating cute little dough balls. Also I totally forgot that you should melt some butter. Go do that now. It doesn't really matter how much? Two or three spoonfuls should be enough. You can put it in your microwave for 25 seconds on medium heat and it should totally melt it.

Ok, back to your cute dough balls. I want you to flatten those suckers out. They should be relatively thin, but not super thin. Once they're all flattened out, grab a paint brush that you bought in the kitchen section and lather on that melted butter. I'd recommend putting way more than you think you need because uh, butter rocks. 

Nowwwwwww throw some garlic powder on the flattened buttered dough balls. Put a lot on if you're not kissin' anyone later or put a lot on if the person you're kissin' later is joining you for dinner. Basically make these a garlicky mess because you love yourself.  Now put little mozzarella cubes on the flattened garlicky buttery delicious dough balls and wrap 'em up. For added deliciousness, you should most definitely put a little butter on top of the cheese balls and sprinkle on a little more garlic BECAUSE GARLIC. 

Pop those sweet babes in the oven for about 10 minutes, depending on your oven probably. I have a super old oven so I had mine in for 15, but when they're look like they've been tanning by the poolside all summer, take them out! They're done! Time for winter! Also hopefully you did your spaghetti thing too because I certainly did not walk you through that. Spaghetti is totally easy though. 100% a college kid meal. 

Sooooooo yeah, that's it. Pour another glass of Cabernet Sauvignon because it pairs well with red pasta sauce and EAT. Also, if you actually make these cheese bombs, tell me how it goes. Send me pics. Tag me on instagram. Snapchat me. I love food and I wanna see.