Leather & Lace Bridal Styled Shoot - GRLS Studio Tacoma, Washington

This styled shoot was definitely a product of insomnia but wow it was so much fun. I woke up at 4am one morning and realized it had been a couple months since I had really shot for myself and I kinda missed Haely anyway so it just felt like the right thing to do.

By 6am, the shoot was happening. I had never shot at the Grls Studio but I've been obsessed with their pink neon sign since I started following them on instagram earlier this year. So yes, I did book a studio space solely for a pink neon sign but I was blown away by the space. Everything was white which has always kind of freaked me out. White walls, white floors, white ceiling BUT with so many cute pops of color around. And the plants! AH THE PLANTS. 

I wanted to go in a different direction with this shoot and the first step was a black cake from Sift & Gather. Who has black wedding cakes?? All the cool kids getting married in 2018, duh. So Amber was amazing enough to provide me with a badass black cake and Courtney from Weddings With Joy let us borrow a dress and we were on our way! 

My styled shoots are always pretty laidback. We had two hours in the studio and we listened to early 2000s jams, did cool things with the plants, and I made Haely hover over me while doing weird things with her hands and if anyone had walked in they would have immediately been like "umm... is this.. art? What am I looking at?" and the answer would have been, YES. ART. THANK YOU FOR NOTICING. 

Thank you everyone who helped turn this vision into reality! I had a lot of fun with it!



photography/styling: Chelsea Moudry

dress: Weddings With Joy - Olympia, WA

cake: Sift & Gather - Olympia, WA

hair: Alyssa Rowlett - Raymond, WA

model/makeup: Haely Wiss

studio: Grls Studio - Tacoma, WA


Chelsea Moudry is a wedding & elopement photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Conveniently located between Seattle and Portland, she is able to photograph engaged couples in love in both Washington and Oregon. This is for SEO. Gotta do it.