Bradi & Haely - La Push, Washington - Portland, Oregon Wedding and Elopement Photographer

This shoot was a little more than we bargained for and I’ll just go ahead and dive right in and tell you exactly why. We kinda sorta for real almost died during this shoot. For real. If you’ve never heard of a sneaker wave, you can read a little summary about them here, but basically we were finishing up shooting up by the shore by some driftwood when we saw a wave coming. And literally all of us thought, “oh shoot, I guess our feet are going to get a little wet.” This wave, and I kid you not, went completely over our heads and slammed us pretty aggressively into the driftwood. Luckily we weren’t crushed by anything or trapped under the driftwood, but our camera gear didn’t quite make it out unscathed. After a couple thousand dollars and some serious impatience and pure angst from not being able to shoot for a few weeks, I finally have my camera gear and things are pretty much back to normal. But I mean, besides almost dying and having to spend more $$ in the month of April than I expected to, this shoot was really fun. We wanted to do something creative and a little different up in La Push so we did! And somehow managed to recover all of the photos even though I saw water pour out of my camera. So check ‘em out because these photos were expensive!

Chelsea Moudry is a traveling wedding & elopement photographer based in Portland, Oregon.