Melanie and Larry - The Columbia Gorge - Portland, Oregon

Since moving to Portland, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to really explore this area of Oregon and while it was pretty scary to move to the city and I’m still definitely trying to find my place here, I found myself shooting way more these past two months than I have in so long. And honestly I’m kind of having a blast. I mean, photography is still definitely a creative outlet for me and I’m so thankful to have it because the city certainly would have eaten me alive if I didn’t.

This past weekend, some photographer friends that I actually met online (it’s not scary to meet internet friends if you’re all in the same field, I decided) flew into PDX and we set up a few shoots in like THE most Oregon locations, starting with this one in the Columbia Gorge! We had so much fun shooting this couple at the falls, even though we froze our asses off. As it turns out, waterfalls are pretty cold when you get close enough to them. But hey! Check out these shots of Melanie and Larry! With a special appearance by their very cute doggo.

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