Palm Springs Boho Desert Elopement - Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

This is the obligatory “yes, I do travel” blog post. If you know me, you know I enter every instagram giveaway I see so when I stumbled upon the Evolve Workshops giveaway, I absolutely knew I had to enter. It was nearly 1am when I checked my IG messages to find that I won a free flight to Palm Springs and three days at a conference with incredibly talented and successful speakers. I had never been to a workshop before and had never been to Palm Springs and had never even been on a plane by myself before! I met some new people, learned some new things, and had some time for some serious self-reflection which was incredibly helpful considering all of my recent life changes. Even though there were over a hundred people at the conference itself, it was so unbelievably rejuvenating to travel somewhere brand new by myself.

Anyway, anyway, enough about me. This shoot also happened so check it out! Maggie and Chris are actually the cutest and it was nearly their two year anniversary so why not throw on a pretty wedding dress and frolic around the desert, am I right??