Pitchwood Alehouse

Happy Thursday! Or should I say Thirsty Thursday? Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to photograph one of my favorite bars, but today I am very very sick with the flu (gross) so I don't want to write a whole big blog post only to read it when I'm not sick and realize that I sounded totally delirious. Did that sentence make sense? Probably. Ok. Here are the photos! I'll post links to their social media accounts too because this bar is very cool and I have a real life crush on it because I'm a dork maybe. It's got that cool rustic charm that basically screams "YOU WANNA DRINK BEER HERE!" and the people are pretty cool too. And oh my god the food. The food is perfect. In fact, maybe I'll have someone pick me up a burger tonight. I'd get it myself, but I'm also in quarantine. Anyway wow. Enough about me. Wait, no one more thing about me.

my typical order: southwest burger + avocado + sweet potato fries + a fort george vortex ipa