West Coast Road Trip Preview - Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada

Well I'm officially home from the road trip of a lifetime. I have yet to process all of it so I'm not even going to attempt to write a blog post explaining how much I believe it changed me and why it was the best decision I've made in a very long time. I will next week, I'm sure but for now I just want to share some photos with all of you! 


Our trip started in Lincoln City, Oregon and we got to meet a lovely couple (shout out to Sydney and Austin for opening up their home to us and feeding us some bomb vegan curry) and their two doggos Winston and Josie. 

Captured this sweet sunset! 



The next morning was the start of the longest stretch of driving but definitely made a few stops down the way to San Francisco. Apparently I hike now? And I like it?? 


Met up with some other wedding photographers in the Bay Area (Kris Turner and Whitney Justesen) and took some cool photos up in Russian Ridge! 

Also stopped for coffee and hung out around Palo Alto. Didn't see James Franco. 

This is totally turning into a grade school essay about what I did during summer vacation, but next we went to Los Angeles. Met up with the wonderful Heidi Toevs on the way! Did some things in LA. Then we were in Joshua Tree!! Woooooo! None of us had ever been there but we knew it was pretty dope because Instagram told us it would be and honestly Insta wasn't lying. I don't really know how to explain but it felt like time completely stopped out there. Also don't touch anything in the desert. Everything that grows there is defensive and mean and hiding some sort of secret. Joshua trees have knives growing out of them, I swear. Here are some photos from the sunrise shoot we had before we drove to Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Lakes was cool. Checked out Mono Lake. Checked out an old ghost town called Bodie. Hung out in Reno for a night and got wine drunk in someones trailer in their backyard. Don't worry, family members. Everything was safe and we made sure the owners weren't murderers! 

Headed back up to Oregon after Nevada and met up with Kaity Farasyn and her sweet doggo, Odin. Did the sunset thing at Smith Rock. Went to the Painted Hills. Stayed in a hostel our last night and we just couldn't shut up about everything we had managed to do in less than two weeks. We enjoyed a lovely sunset and had a campfire and I'm pretty sure all of us couldn't even process all that we had done.

I made 3 new best friends on this trip and I don't care how crazy that makes me sound. I love these weirdos. Kelcey, Meagan, and Alfred thank you for letting me join on this trip and forcing me out of my comfort zone. It's probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me.