Sierra & Kellen

How do you even choose which photos to put in a blog post when you love them all so much? Sierra & Kellen are seriously the sweetest couple, could probably be real-life models, and their chemistry is so strong that it easily shined through every image. We headed out to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge for their engagement photos and the weather actually cooperated for long enough to complete an entire session! Which honestly, is pretty crazy considering how ridiculous the weather has been lately. Is it spring or definitely still winter?? Anyway, anyway, I absolutely love shooting in this location because of the incredibly cute trail and cool barns and OMG THE TREES, but shooting here with Sierra & Kellen made it 10X better. Super fun and laid-back couple who totally didn't question my direction, laughed at my lame jokes, and even had a few ideas for photos of their own! Shout-out to Kellen for having fun with the session and sharing ideas! I seriously cannot wait for their wedding in September and look forward to photographing them again. (Hopefully before the wedding 😉)


And as always, I like to add where you should get food or beer in the general area of my shoots because food is awesome and so is beer, and this time I'll actually recommend a Tacoma location because it's not too terribly far from Nisqually. The Matador is just UGH so good. 10/10 would recommend the chipotle mushroom tacos and the bartender's margarita. 

features: TWC i, TWC ii