Chelsea Moudry or Debbie Harry?

Wednesday Tips, feat. self portraits with serious Debbie Harry vibes (I hope lolol)


  • don't buy a silicon makeup applicator
  • don't have caffeine after 5pm
  • watch Jim Gaffigan's hour special, Cinco
  • keep following along with my blog because I'm gonna write one about INSTAGRAm and how to get fOLLOWERS!!!!
  • eat pizza when you can
  • start watching This Is Us
  • take your makeup off before going to bed and your skin will personally thank you in the morning 
  • eat a box of donuts tomorrow
  • purple shampoo is VITAL and Shimmer Lights is good
  • go to bed before 1am tonight (lol jk)
  • also if you don't like really really love Trump, watch this video because it's hilarious
  • put lavender in your diffuser tonight before bed for the ULTIMATE RELAXATION 
  • follow me on instagram ;)

ok that's it, that's all I've got. Happy Wednesday