wedding & elopement photographer


pnw wedding & elopement photographer


Wedding photography is more than just documenting a big day; it's about telling a story. And I want to help tell that story. 

I’m the photographer for couples who don’t worry about perfection and aren’t afraid of running late, who do things their own way, the way they want to! I’m the photographer for couples who know they’re marrying their best friend and know they’re going to have a good time on their wedding day, regardless of location or details. I’m the photographer for couples who are willing to take risks and willing to break tradition. But more importantly, I’m a photographer who loves real life emotions, and believe me, a lot of them come out during weddings. If you’re laughing, I’m laughing. If you’re crying, I’m probably crying behind my camera to remain relatively professional and also to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Whether you’re getting married on a mountain, on a beach, in a field, in a church, or in some gardens, we’re gonna have fun and we’re going to create some gorgeous images.