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Wedding photography is more than just documenting a big day; it's about telling a story. And I want to help tell that story. 

Photographs last a lifetime, and as we all know, life is pretty damn short. I mean, granted, life is actually the longest thing any of us experience (solid office reference, thank you dwight schrute) but I believe that it's important to remember certain moments and what you felt during them. It's so amazing that we are able to preserve memories to look back on when everything just gets a little too hard. To look back on smiling faces and remember the reasons why we love someone even when we're mad or hurt or just simply needing a reminder. It's important to have those tangible reminders when our brains get clouded with, well, life. 

But wedding photographers do more than just capture moments and tell stories. I'll be there to help calm your nerves, to help with your timeline and keep everything on track so you can have a great time. I'll carry the dress and help pin the boutonnieres when the groomsmen inevitably get too buzzed too early in the day. I'll be there to remember what you might forget and to round up your family when it's time for formal portraits. But most importantly, I'll be there for you. Weddings are stressful, even a lot of the laid-back ones, but I do everything I can to make it as easy and smooth sailing as possible so you can simply enjoy your big day with your best friend.